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10 x 160mm SDS PLUS ZENTRO [11510160]

SDS Drill Bits

Product Code: DR11510160

From £2.35 ex. VAT


Favourites List

Product CodeDescriptionUnit PriceBasket Qty
DR1151016010 x 160mm SDS PLUS ZENTRO [11510160]£7.69 + VAT
DR1151431014 x 310mm SDS PLUS ZENTRO [11514310]£19.60 + VAT
DR115602106 X 210 SDS PLUS ZENTRO£7.88 + VAT
DR115701607.0 X 160 SDS PLUS ZENTRO£8.05 + VAT
DR115802108.0 x 210mm SDS PLUS ZENTRO£7.96 + VAT
DR13705220 x 250 SDS PLUS FLAT CHISEL£9.43 + VAT
DR13945018 x 250 SDS PLUS ZETRO£35.08 + VAT
DR13945118 x 450 SDS PLUS ZETRO£45.61 + VAT
DR13945220 x 250mm SDS PLUS ZENTRO£33.75 + VAT
DR13966218mm x 340mm SDS MAX DRILL BIT£36.10 + VAT
DR13966318MM X 540 SDS MAX DRILL BIT£50.23 + VAT
DR13966420MM X 320 SDS MAX DRILL BIT£34.75 + VAT
DR13966722MM X 320 SDS MAX DRILL BIT£42.88 + VAT
DR13966822mm x 520mm SDS MAX DRILL BIT£32.11 + VAT
DR13967024MM X 320 SDS MAX DRILL BIT£54.47 + VAT
DR13967124mm x 520mm SDS MAX DRILL BIT£62.71 + VAT
DR13967528MM X 370 SDS MAX DRILL BIT£59.96 + VAT
DR13973680 X 300 SDS MAX CHISEL£34.22 + VAT
DSDS0401104 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT [R1104110]£2.59 + VAT
DSDS0401604 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT [R1104160]£3.39 + VAT
DSDS0501105 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.60 + VAT
DSDS0501605 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.99 + VAT
DSDS0502105 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£4.18 + VAT
DSDS0502605 x 260mm SDS DRILL BITS£4.25 + VAT
DSDS0503105 x 310mm SDS DRILL BITS£6.95 + VAT
DSDS0504505 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£6.32 + VAT
DSDS0551105.5 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.65 + VAT
DSDS0551605.5 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.68 + VAT
DSDS0552105.5 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£3.83 + VAT
DSDS0552605.5 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£6.23 + VAT
DSDS0553105.5 x 310mm SDS DRILL BITS£6.61 + VAT
DSDS0553605.5 x 360mm SDS DRILL BITS£5.01 + VAT
DSDS0554505.5 x 450mm SDS DRILL BITS£6.56 + VAT
DSDS0601106 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.60 + VAT
DSDS060110EVO6 x 110mm SDS EVO DRILL BIT£2.35 + VAT
DSDS0601606 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.76 + VAT
DSDS0602106 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£4.57 + VAT
DSDS0602606 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.96 + VAT
DSDS0603106 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£10.42 + VAT
DSDS0604006 x 400mm SDS DRILL BIT£6.14 + VAT
DSDS0604606 x 460mm SDS DRILL BIT£11.48 + VAT
DSDS0651106.5 X 110 MM SDS DRILL BIT£2.96 + VAT
DSDS0651606.5 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£3.28 + VAT
DSDS0652106.5 x 210mm SDS DRILL BITS£4.57 + VAT
DSDS0652606.5 x 260mm SDS DRILL BITS£6.98 + VAT
DSDS0654506.5 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£7.03 + VAT
DSDS0701107 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.99 + VAT
DSDS0701607 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£3.23 + VAT
DSDS0702107 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£4.97 + VAT
DSDS0703107 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£6.75 + VAT
DSDS0801108 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.89 + VAT
DSDS0801608 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£3.32 + VAT
DSDS0802108 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£4.18 + VAT
DSDS0802608 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.33 + VAT
DSDS0803108 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£6.82 + VAT
DSDS0804108 x 410mm SDS DRILL BIT£7.11 + VAT
DSDS0804608 x 460mm SDS DRILL BIT£10.73 + VAT
DSDS0810008 x 1000mm SDS DRILL BIT£37.88 + VAT
DSDS0902109 X 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£3.95 + VAT
DSDS10011010 x 110mm SDS DRILL BIT£2.66 + VAT
DSDS10016010 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£3.62 + VAT
DSDS10021010 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£4.57 + VAT
DSDS10026010 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.01 + VAT
DSDS10031010 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£7.06 + VAT
DSDS10046010 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£10.77 + VAT
DSDS12016012 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£4.57 + VAT
DSDS12021012 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.17 + VAT
DSDS12026012 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.99 + VAT
DSDS12031012 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£9.51 + VAT
DSDS12046012 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£11.80 + VAT
DSDS12060012 x 600mm SDS DRILL BIT£16.33 + VAT
DSDS14016014 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.20 + VAT
DSDS14021014 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£7.61 + VAT
DSDS14026014 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£8.96 + VAT
DSDS14031014 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£9.90 + VAT
DSDS14046014 x 450 mm SDS DRILL BIT£14.00 + VAT
DSDS14100014 x 1000 mm SDS DRILL BIT£45.42 + VAT
DSDS15016015 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£5.83 + VAT
DSDS15026015 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£9.02 + VAT
DSDS16016016 x 160mm SDS DRILL BIT£8.12 + VAT
DSDS16021016 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£9.27 + VAT
DSDS16026016 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£14.75 + VAT
DSDS16031016 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£14.99 + VAT
DSDS16046016 x 460mm SDS DRILL BIT£19.33 + VAT
DSDS18021018 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£14.56 + VAT
DSDS18025018 x 250mm SDS DRILL BIT£19.53 + VAT
DSDS18031018 x 310mm SDS DRILL BIT£15.50 + VAT
DSDS20021020 x 210mm SDS DRILL BIT£23.67 + VAT
DSDS20031020 x 300mm SDS DRILL BIT£23.39 + VAT
DSDS20046020 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£24.82 + VAT
DSDS20052020 x 520mm SDS MAX DRILL BIT£55.86 + VAT
DSDS20080020 x 800 mm SDS DRILL BIT£39.49 + VAT
DSDS20100020 x 1000mm SDS DRILL BIT£54.71 + VAT
DSDS22026022 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£23.67 + VAT
DSDS22046022 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£29.16 + VAT
DSDS24025024 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£26.12 + VAT
DSDS24046024 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£29.95 + VAT
DSDS25026025 x 260mm SDS DRILL BIT£28.06 + VAT
DSDS250460£32.35 + VAT
DSDS25100025 x 1000mm SDS DRILL BIT£71.96 + VAT
DSDS2845028 x 450mm SDS DRILL BIT£69.08 + VAT
DSDS32032032 x 320mm SDS MAX DRILL BIT£72.94 + VAT


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